Peppermint Design - Web Design in Bellville Cape Town

Web Design

This is where it all starts! I build static websites using html & css that are suitable for personal use, or for small business. My code is of W3C standard and I will work hard to ensure your websites consists of all the features you need. Perfect for someone who is looking for a website with static content.

Peppermint Design Wordpress Development in Bellville Cape Town

Web Development for Wordpress

Wordpress is an extremely powerful web application. It first started as a tool for blogging, but has now evolved into so much more! I develop dynamic websites to work with Wordpress. This package is perfect for someone who is looking to continuously add content to their website (the more the better for google). I concentrate on custom themes for Wordpress, to cater for your exact needs!

Peppermint Design Logo's & Branding in Bellville Cape Town

Logo's & Branding

I do the whole branding package. From logo's, to business cards, flyers to pamphlets, I do it all. If your image needs to be revamped, or you need to further improve on your current image, I am your man!

Peppermint Design Social Media Integration in Bellville Cape Town

Social Media Setup & Integration

In the current day and age we live in, we cannot ignore the use of Social Networks. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn (to name but a few) are becoming more and more popular and can you really afford not to be found on these? I will set up these networks for you, will show you the correct way to get noticed on these platforms, as well as help you find the best strategies for marketing your business or website using only these tools!