Interview with Lucia Blanco – Wedding Photographer

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 November 21st, 2012 | 

I recently had the honor of meeting a very talented wedding photographer from Argentina that currently resides in beautiful Cape Town. Always interested in other creatives, I decided to run some questions by her.
Meet Lucia Blanco…

Hi Lucia, tell us about yourself.

My name is Lucia Blanco. I was born and grew up in Salta, a city in the north of Argentina. I was born in 1987 and I am the second oldest of 5 children in our family. I like bread, cheese and wine.

What brought you to South Africa?

I always dreamed about coming to Africa and doing wildlife photography. It seemed that this was the right time to pursue this dream. I did some research into the wedding market in South Africa and I really like the wedding culture here. South Africa is a photographer’s paradise. It has magnificent wildlife, a variety of spectacular landscapes and a diversity of cultures. All of these aspects inspired and motivated me. So here I am.


How did you get into photography?

In 2008 I went on a work exchange program to the USA. While I was there, I decided to take photography classes, as this has long been an interest of mine. I took classes at Pratt University and also at Photomanhattan Institute in New York. While I was studying, I asked my teacher advise on where I could do an internship to start learning more about photography as a profession. This teacher advised me that I should look into wedding photography, as it combines many fields of photography altogether.
So I decided to offer my service as a second photographer for weddings. That is how I met Brett Szemple. He is a great artist who introduced me to the fantastic world of wedding photography. He shared his knowledge and experience with me and also became a good friend of mine. I gained a wealth of knowledge during that time. Initially, my goal was to do wedding photography solely to gain experience. At that stage I did not realise that it would become a great passion of mine.
I spent two years shooting weddings throughout the USA with Brett Szemple. I then decided to return home to Argentina. In Salta, I continued my work as wedding photographer and also took a job at a local fashion magazine where I gained valuable experience which also helped me develop as a photographer.


What draws you to wedding photography?

I like the fact that it combines different fields of photography. In a wedding you’ll find a variety of scenarios and challenging situations. You’ll have portraits, landscapes, little details, photo journalism, using both natural and artificial light. I like the fact that it’s always an environment of celebration and emotions. Furthermore, I get bored of routine, so I love that each wedding is different than the last one, I never know what to expect and that makes my work more exciting.

What part of your job do you enjoy the most?

It is difficult to explain, but it is an unbelievable feeling when I capture a moment that would have gone unnoticed had I missed the shot. With weddings, it gives me great satisfaction when I show the product to the couple and feel that I brought those special moments alive again. It is essential for me to get along with the brides pair and make them feel comfortable while being photographed. I want them to look natural in the photos and also I want them to have fun. It’s a great feeling when I accomplish that.

Have you had any interesting experiences in SA so far?

I recently went on a trip to Kwazulu-Natal. In the Hluhluwe –Imfolozi Park, I was photographing a rhino from the car and thought of getting out of it to get a better angle – how fast could this heavy animals run? – good thing i didn’t cause suddenly that heavy animal was charging at us at the speed of light!


Argentina is known for their love for meat. How does a South-African braai compare to a Argentine asado?

Well, asados in Argentina are a GUY THING, a good asado makes them proud of themselves. The men prepare the meat while drinking beer. Even though the woman usually buys the meat, always makes the salads and desserts, sets the table and do the dishes afterwards, the guy gets all the credit. I don’t expect you to understand what I mean because I can’t imagine that it is the same with braais in SA. :)
Thank you Lucia!

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