Facebook Timeline: What is it and how do I get it?

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 December 27th, 2011 | 

Facebook Timeline is creating some buzz on the web, and seems like its either a love or a hate relationship.¬† I’m yet to be convinced that I like it more than my traditional Facebook profile look, but I’m old fashioned that way! Lets take a look at what Timeline is all about, and how can you change your current profile to display Timeline.


What is Facebook Timeline?


Basically, Timeline is a new way of displaying your current Facebook profile, so that events on your wall is displayed chronologically and that you can track them by date. What does this mean? It means that you can literally go back to when you joined Facebook, and track each status update, friend add, and photo you decided to upload by month. This may sound good on paper, but do you really want everyone  that has access to your profile to be able to delve into your deepest Facebook history and retrieve opinions that you may have voiced years ago? Well, I guess it still is pretty cool.


Apart from the actual “timeline” feature, other changes include a whole new look to your profile as well as the option of having a cover picture.


Cosmetically it doesn’t look bad, nor does it look really impressive. Like most Facebook changes, it just looks different and will definitely take some getting used to. The cover picture feature however is what I like most about Timeline. You now have the option to have two “profile pics”, one being the standard profile picture we all know and love, the other being a huge banner sized pic that spans your whole profile. This is a really great addition to your profile, as now you can really present visitors to your page with something more and really get your own personal flavour across!


How do I get Facebook Timeline


All you have to do to get Timeline is to follow this link and click the “Get Timeline” link that shows up on the page. Its really that simple. Please note that you will have 7 days to configure and play around with Timeline before it shows up for other people. You also have the option to make the change an immediate one, but I suggest that you first check your profile and privacy settings before just jumping headfirst into the lack of privacy that Timeline offers!
Whether you like it or not, Timeline will become standard for all Facebook users, so you might as well get it now while it is still hot property. Timeline is here to stay so we might as well start to get used to it, at least its better than the all the changes made to their chat function. What do you guys think of Timeline?
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    2 People had something to contribute

    1. What can I say? Apart from the fabulous new “Timeline Design”, must I commend the CEO and Programmers and Designers of Facebook for their, truly front line Development on the Internet. You are remarkable to say the least, and it is such an fulfilling experience to be able to communicate with family, friends and the public in such an Professional manner and to be able to create your exquisite hobby and Business Pages. Thank you once again Facebook Team.
      from Johannes & Elzanne Swanepoel, Petoria, South Africa

    2. mcvanrensburg says:

      Great comment Johannes, and I do agree, what would the world be without Facebook and its innovations!

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