Wamp Error: Could not execute menu item (internal error)

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 November 25th, 2011 | 

Most of us who runs an Apache server using WAMP or XAMPP, have once upon a time run into this error Could not execute menu item (internal error). I must admit it has given one or two headaches in the past, but luckily I have found a easy fix that resolved the problem for me in no time at all. Since my original solution was a bit specific, I decided to add 2 more.


“Wamp Could not execute menu item” – Solution 1


Some of the following applications can cause conflicts with Wamp. If you are running any of these, please close them and restart all services on Wamp. These are: IIS, Skype, Zone Alarm, NOD32, Eset, Internet Optimizer, Google Accelerator, Xfire, steam, other database servers. Im not saying they are causing the problem, but one of these could.


“Wamp Could not execute menu item” – Solution 2


Click the wamp icon in the bottom right hand corner of your screen, then apache and then open the httpd.conf.
Scroll down a bit and find the lines:

Listen 80

and change them to

Listen 8080

Ok, so if none of the above works, here is my original solution that worked for me in my quest for solving the problem. (Thanks to emalik’s blog for solution 1 & 2)

“Wamp Could not execute menu item” – Solution 3


The very simple solution is to uncheck the “Enable LMHOSTS Lookup” box in the TCP/IP protocol setup (under WINS setting). Here are the steps to do this:

1. Open “Control Panel” then “Network Connections.”

2. Right-click on “Local Area Connection” and select “Properties.”

3. Double-click on the “Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)” line to open the “Properties.”

4. On the “General” tab, click the “Advanced” button.

5. Select the “WINS” tab and uncheck the “Enable LMHOSTS Lookup” box.”

Now, check the Apache test page at http://localhost/. This time, it should work!

NOTE: If your "Enable LMHOSTS Lookup" Box is unchecked from the start, I have found that if you check the box and close the window and then once again go in and uncheck the box, it fixes the problem as well.

Please visit the blog I found the solution on here


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    12 People had something to contribute

    1. Cesar Lozada says:

      Thank you very much!. Six hours tearing off my hair with this problem and you, and only you, had the right answer. Regards

    2. mcvanrensburg says:

      I’m very glad my article could be of assistance to you Cesar!

    3. CesarG says:

      I am just happy crying it works!

    4. shimelis says:

      none of the above solve my problem “Could not execute menu item (internal error)[Exception]could not execute run action.The system cannot find the file specified”when ever try to open phpmyadmin in wamp sever.please any advice!

    5. mcvanrensburg says:

      To be honest I have not come across that particular problem with WAMP. Have you maybe altered your system in any way that could be the cause? Or a fresh install of WAMP could do the trick?

    6. ben says:


    7. sisir says:

      Sorry, It doesn’t work!

    8. Mali says:

      Its not working for me can you please explain me why its not working. Please update me. Thanks is advance

    9. Paul says:

      Am really having problem with this, i did unchecked wins, rechecked then unchecked but still didn’t work, restarted my computer, configure my start up so no apps will conflict wamp but nothing happenned. Also configured apache, restart apache but nothing works..

    10. Remco says:

      It’s doesn’t work for me. Does someone have an idea?

    11. mcvanrensburg says:

      Hi Remco, wish I could help but it seems there is a million things that can go wrong with WAMP. I can refer you to this article for more advice:

    12. SD89 says:

      I tried all your three solutions but, it doesn’t work. I still have the same error message.

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